'OldFonts' font package
Version 39

The package includes several Russian book font families ('Academy', 'Latin', 'Elizabeth', 'Usual New' et al.) in both PS Type 1 and True Type form and additional files to use these fonts as well as 'Adobe Minion' and 'Palatino Linotype' font families with LaTeX. The package also contains few supplementary fonts. All fonts contain modern Russian characters as well as those used in the 19th century Russian writing.

The package description:       Readme     Readme.koi     Readme.win

Fonts sample (435 Kb):       Sample.pdf

The package as one archive file:

           OldFonts-dist-39.tar.bz2 (3 Mb)      OldFonts-dist-39.zip (3.9 Mb)

"PT-Courier" font files can be found here:       CourierOR      CourierA     

T2D encoding files by A.I.Lebedev:       T2D     

Support files for Open Type Palatino by M.Wodzicki:       pala-encs.tar.gz