Curriculum Vitae of Andrei Vl. Andrianov

Born: 26 June 1963 in Moscow.

Education: Moscow State University, Physics Faculty. Graduated in 1986 as a B.Sc. in Low Temperature Physics.

Affiliations: teaching assistant, researcher, associate professor in Low Temperature Dept. of Physics Faculty of Moscow State University.

Scientific degree: Ph.D. in Moscow State University.
Ph.D. Thesis: "Electromagnetic Excitation of Ultrasound in Rare-Earth Magnetics" (1991).

Postdoctoral position: 9 month in Extra-Low Temperature Center (CRTBT) in CNRS, Grenoble, France with Professor J.Flouquet (1993-4).

Publications: more than 25 referred journals papers on rare-earth magnetism, solid state acoustics, superconductivity, experimental technique.
Selected Papers.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae in PostScript format.

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