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Andrei Vl. Andrianov

I am an Associate Professor in Low Temperature Department of Physics Faculty of Moscow State University.

My brief Curriculum Vitae.

Scientific interests:

Magnetism, Electronic Theory of Metals, 2 1/2 type Phase Transitions, Superconductivity, Physical Acoustics.
Selected physical papers.

Teaching experience:

Advanced General Physics in elite Moscow high schools, for 10 years,
Low Temperature Labs in Physics Faculty (list), for 5 years,
General Magnetism in Physics Faculty (content), for 2 years,
Advanced Magnetism in Physics Faculty (content), for 2 years.
Computers in Experimental Physics (content), for 1 year.

Other interests:

History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern), Literature, Russian Poetry, "Authors' Song", Travels.
On these subjects in Russian: KOI8 , WIN , ALT .

Favourite links: scientific...

Disclaimer: this is a personal homepage that reflects my personal point of view only. It does not present the official point of view of Moscow State University.

Andrei Vl. Andrianov
Low Temperature Dept.
Physics Faculty
Moscow State University
Moscow 119899
tel. 7 (095) 939-48-11
fax. 7 (095) 932-88-76
e-mail: andr@lt.phys.msu.su

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