Labs in Low Temperature Department of Physics Faculty

These labs are rather old-fashioned and hence provide a useful experience for low-temperature experimentors. Most installations are designed in style in which the phenomenons studied were first observed.

List of labs:

1. "Second Sound" in He4 below lambda-point.
2. Field Dependence of Critical Current in HTSC.
2a. Field Dependence of Tc in HTSC.
3. Magnetic Properties of 1st-order Superconductors.
4. Anisotropy of Magnetoresistance in Bi.
5. Magnetic Properties of 2nd-order Superconductors.
6. Critical Current and Magnetisation in HTSC.
7. Gas Thermometer for Low Temperatures.
8. Mott's Law in disordered Conductors.
10. Curie-Weiss Law in Ferro- and Antiferromagnets.
13. Shubnikov - de Haaz Oscillations in Bi.
14. The rf SQUID.

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