General Magnetism course in Low Temperature Department of Physics Faculty

Destination: basics in magnetism for low temperature experimentors.
Duration: one semester.
Students' background: general physics, basics in quantum mechanics, basics in solid state physics.


1. Spins. Exchange interaction. Localized spins.
2. Ferromagnets and antiferromagnets. Curie-Weiss law.
3. Basics in magnetic's thermodynamics.
4. Heisenberg model. Ising model.
5. Self-consistent approach. Molecular field model.
6. Ginzburg-Landau theory for 2-nd order phase transitions. Its equivalence to molecular field model.
7. Limits for molecular field model. Critical fluctuations.
8. Types of exchange interaction. Magnetic metals. RKKY.
9. Long-periodic magnetic structures. Spin-density waves.
10. Magnetic interaction in dielectrics. Multi-sublattice systems.
11. Computer modeling of magnetism. Lattice models.
12. Ferromagnetic domains and domain's walls.
13. Low-dimention magnetics.
14. Non-local magnetism. Stoner criterium.

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