Advanced Magnetism course in Low Temperature Department of Physics Faculty

Destination: modern level in magnetism for low temperature experimentors.
Duration: one semester.
Students' background: basics in quantum mechanics, basics in magnetism, advanced in solid state physics.


1. Density of states in transition metals.
2. Itinerant magnetism. Hubbard model. Stoner criterium.
3. General properties of Hubbard's magnet.
4. Temperature behaviour of Hubbard's magnet.
5. Classification of magnetically ordered metals: saturated/nonsaturated vs local/itinerant.
6. Ising model on finite lattice: general properties.
7. Ising model: density of states on energy/order parameter plot.
8. Ising model: computer simulation. Local equilibrum approach.
9. Critical phenomena in Ising model.
10. Critical phenomena in magnets: scaling. Critical indexes. 1,2,3,4-dimention cases.
11. Spin glasses.
12. Kondo effect on magnetic impurities.
13. Kondo scattering vs RKKY. Heavy fermions.
14. Low-dimention magnets.
15. Spin-Peierls transition.

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